Often business owners are reluctant to sell a business that they have put so much time and energy into building up. There are a number of reasons an owner ultimately decides to sell his business; retirement, changes in business, resources or the market.  Because business owners don’t sell businesses every day, they need a partner they can trust that will help them navigate the process.

Pallet Machinery Group can be that trusted partner to help you sell your business.  We have sold businesses coast to coast, from California to Georgia.  With more than 20 years of experience in the pallet, sawmill and lumber industry, many of the businesses we help sell are our customers, friends and associates. 

We have a variety of methods for getting your business advertised; online ads, print media, email distribution, the Pallet Machinery Group website and Facebook.  Our goal is to help you find an appropriate buyer at the price you desire. 

If you are interested in selling your business through Pallet Machinery Group, please fill out the attached form and a professional in our office will contact you.

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