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2010 GRS-300 Multiple Gang Rip Saw #2340

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Product Description

2010 Multiple Rip Saw Rolling Feeder Type.  50 HP, comes with 2 regular blades, 2 hogger blades and spacers for ripping 3.5” boards.  Currently being used to rip 5.5” boards to 3.5”.   Comes with 2 laser lights to align stock with blades.  Minimum length 230mm.  Roller feeding design incorporated with bottom cutting for fast and stable ripping performance for core panels.  Synchronized running for top and bottom feed.  10 rollers ensure a smooth feeding effect.   Used for approximately 8 hours, like new.

Upper feed roller is individually loaded with air cylinders.  Double pressure adjustment.  Powered elevation of power rollers.  Overcutting protection for sawblades and powered elevation.  Three layers of anti-kickback fingers provide maximum safety.  Exclusive convenient saw blade replacement.



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