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2000 Viking Turbo 505 Stretch #2414

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Product Description

This is a factory Turbo 505 single that we have modified to do very long custom skids.

The machine is able to build up to 192” skids (4 runner) x 63” wide.  The customization “stretch” on this machine was completed in 2012 including a new computer from Viking that would accept 5 digits for the pallet length vs the 4 digits on a standard pallet length.  Makes one sided pallets.  This machine runs like a regular 505 Turbo.  It is typically a skid machine, but if you are building long pallets, you can build the top deck (or whichever has the most decking), then put bottom boards at another location by hand.

Since the completion of the stretching of this machine, it has averaged running no more than 2 – 3 hours per day.

The Viking specs on the machine are as follows:  Tag# 921M   Job# 31746   Model# 505.


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